Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Don’t Mess With The Messi: Reasons Leo’s Still The Best In The Game

Lionel Messi is undeniably one of the best players on the pitch. At his young age, he has celebrated milestones that make his opponents quiver in fear. Here are reasons Leo deserves the world’s respect and recognition.

 Image source: espnfc.com

Impressive track record

Leo is a top goal scorer in El Clasico and La Liga, and the UEFA Champions League. He also won the most Ballon d’Or awards, scoring the most goals in a single season. There’s so much more we haven’t seen, and yet, his benchmark is already unreachable.

Scoring and assisting prowess

Messi is gifted in scoring goals, but he makes great assists as well. His ability to assist well shows his great leadership skills and unselfishness on the pitch. After all, soccer is a team sport.

Image source: suitelife.com

 Mental strength

Messi’s mental strength is at par with his unbelievable physical intelligence. He is able to stay calm even under pressure, and has not shown unwanted behavior in the game. Some seasons ago, Atletico Madrid planned a strategy to get physical with Messi. Messi remained composed and focused in helping Neymar score a win instead of putting up a fist fight.

Messi’s only turning 29 this year, and hopefully, he’ll have more years ahead of him for his career. A lot of people say he’s already in his prime, but I believe he’ll do more wonders in the coming seasons.

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  1. Lionel Messi is undeniably one of the best players!

  2. I witnessed his entire career in soccer. He's truly amazing!