Monday, July 25, 2016

Kicks And Tricks: Fundamental Skills In Soccer

Soccer is a unique sport because players require better use of their feet than their hands. There are several fundamental skills an athlete must master to become a great player. Here are some of them:

Passing and receiving

Since soccer is a team sport, one of the important skills to learn is to pass and to receive the ball to and from your teammates. The right timing and proper control of the ball are needed to master these basic skills. A simple rule to remember is to always keep your eye on the ball.
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How do you win a soccer game if you can't shoot the ball into the goal? You don't simply aim and fire, you also have to make sure the competitor goalie won't be able to catch your shot. This skill requires more than just power and accuracy but also precision and strategy.


Dribbling keeps the ball in play. Simply put, it's running with the ball before a pass or a taking a shot at the goal. Control is required for this skill, and this is also where speed and agility come in handy.
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Tactics and strategy

Soccer isn't just about kicking the ball to and fro around the field. To score a goal, you don't just simply try and shoot without any idea what you're doing. To conserve energy and maximize efficiency on the field, you have to strategize and play to your opponent's weakness. Each player should have the wits to make the split-second decision to either shoot or pass, and this requires tactical knowledge.

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